Terminal command for changing the mac address for the macbook 4,1 in os x 10.5.x (leopard)

I started to use this macbook about 2 months ago. The first day I tried to find the command for changing the mac address in os x.

At first the information that I found told me that it was just a simple terminal command. I was dismayed when I tried out the command, the command went through without error, but ifconfig still reported that I was broadcasting my original mac address.

I searched a bit deeper and found a different command specific to version 10.5.x of os X. The same results left me more frustrated. I was even more dismayed when I found forum posts of people concluding that it was very easy to change the mac address in previous versions of os X (tiger, etc), but a recent update to the os has made this feat impossible. I couldn’t believe how broken this was. I couldnt believe that a system that with a UNIX base could be so weak.

Fast forward a month ish and I got antsy listening to some computer security podcasts. I decided that surley there was some way to what I want. I did a lot of searching. To shorten an already long and rambling story I found out that the operating system behaves differently on different hardware for some reason. The soulution is to use the original command, but there is a specific way to accomplish this on the macbook4,1 running os X 10.5.6.

First disconnect from any wireless networks by clicking on the join other network in the airport drop down menue. Type in some random characters in the network name field. Click connect. Click cancel while it tries to connect to your imaginary network. Do not turn airport off.

Next go to your terminal. You can check your current mac address with this command

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

To change to a mac address, enter this command replacing the mac address with one of your choosing

sudo ifconfig en1 ether 00:bb:00:bb:00:bb

run the first command to confirm that it worked

Boom! You should be in business. This will revert to the original address when you reboot.


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