I am just about finished with an updated version of briandanowski.com. It is not very fancy, but it is a step up from the just the picture. Hopefully I will figure out an intuitive way to incorporate the mostly random and bizarre pages that live on my web-server like this one.

Yesterday, I attended a graphic design meetup at the Rochester public library. It got me excited about web design. This is fortunate because tomorrow I start the web design half of school. On the way back I stopped to listen to some live music outside of a music school. The first band I saw were some kids. They were decent for their age. The youngest member was the best. He was the drummer who looked like he was about 12 years old. The assembled crowd numbered about 10 people. The second band was a little older and they were terrible. The crowd dwindled to about half. The last band was absolutely fantastic, but for some reason only one other person stayed to about halfway through them playing. At the end I was the last one listening, and they thanked the “the guy on the bike” (me).

In other news, I want to learn how to speed read.


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