soldering iron fun

Today I bought a soldering iron!
I have had several simple projects that Have backed up because I have been soldering ironless for the entire time I have been in Michigan. My Dad tried to bring me one from Houston that I had bought from the dollar store, but they took it at the airport because he was trying to carry it on.

I fixed my beautiful sony headphones that I bought from the good will computer store back in Houston. I also fixed the charging cable for my mp3 player that has been broken for months. The cable got closed in the car door and the wires were pretty messed up when they got to their destination. Now I can load my mp3 player up with podcasts. I am excited.

I still have to re-solder the dc jack that got loose on my dell motherboard, but that will have to wait for another day. Once again it stopped working months ago and I am just getting around to fix it. The real challenge will be reassembling the laptop. It has been sitting in pieces. Perhaps it will be transformed into a wearable pc.


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