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November 6, 2009

Yesturday I went on an adventure. It was fantastic.


assorted happenings

November 4, 2009

I have spent some time playing with a plugin for my website called mediaboxadvanced. It was a bit tricky getting all of the files to play nice with each other at first, but I eventually got it all smoothed out. The first area that this will be integrated with is the call me link.

I am itching to redesign my website to something that is nicer. My current homepage is just a quick bit that I threw together to prove to myself that I could use a bit of css. I didn’t use an external style sheet, and don’t go poking through my source code looking for w3c compliance. Something nicer is in order for the long run.

I need to finish the local rmh website soon :/

I need to stop beginning paragraphs with I.

Today I made some bean corn rice. It was delicious with yellow curry sauce. YUM
My dad wants to start a food blog. This is fine, but I am not excited about trying to make the food look tasty in my pictures. I have no culinary photography training, and it will take some force of will to get motivated researching.

I also need to start selling stuff. I don’t know exactly what stuff, but I have stuff that I don’t need, and I need money so this is a perfect opportunity.

This is the second paragraph of this post that does not begin with I. I cleaned my skateboard bearings today. They needed it badly. I am kicking myself a bit over how much money I spent on new ones last year when I should have just been cleaning them better and more often. They got a fresh coat of crisco for lube. Hopefully I didn’t put too much in the bearings.

Online classes are weird.

Podcasts of college courses are awesome. Podcast novels are also swell.

Time for some random goals!

Renew domain name.
Think of a good fun domain name. (briandanowski is an awesome array of characters, but it isn’t my first choice for a fun brand name.
Generate funds to switch to a paid hosting plan.
Figure out why drupal fails to install on my free hosting… (I did it one other time…)
Learn wordpress.
Organize my digital assets.
Make a picture gallery on website. (it’s lame that I link to facebook. They mess pictures up)
Start a project or two for portfolio.

That’s enough for now.

These are not really goals.

Ride the bus.
Explore woods while it is snowing.
Find alleged sewing machine in basement.
Mend shoes.

This is getting a bit long. It has just the right amount of scatterbraindedness. That word is mine, but you have my permission to use it whenever or wherever you like