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November 6, 2009

Yesturday I went on an adventure. It was fantastic.


assorted happenings

November 4, 2009

I have spent some time playing with a plugin for my website called mediaboxadvanced. It was a bit tricky getting all of the files to play nice with each other at first, but I eventually got it all smoothed out. The first area that this will be integrated with is the call me link.

I am itching to redesign my website to something that is nicer. My current homepage is just a quick bit that I threw together to prove to myself that I could use a bit of css. I didn’t use an external style sheet, and don’t go poking through my source code looking for w3c compliance. Something nicer is in order for the long run.

I need to finish the local rmh website soon :/

I need to stop beginning paragraphs with I.

Today I made some bean corn rice. It was delicious with yellow curry sauce. YUM
My dad wants to start a food blog. This is fine, but I am not excited about trying to make the food look tasty in my pictures. I have no culinary photography training, and it will take some force of will to get motivated researching.

I also need to start selling stuff. I don’t know exactly what stuff, but I have stuff that I don’t need, and I need money so this is a perfect opportunity.

This is the second paragraph of this post that does not begin with I. I cleaned my skateboard bearings today. They needed it badly. I am kicking myself a bit over how much money I spent on new ones last year when I should have just been cleaning them better and more often. They got a fresh coat of crisco for lube. Hopefully I didn’t put too much in the bearings.

Online classes are weird.

Podcasts of college courses are awesome. Podcast novels are also swell.

Time for some random goals!

Renew domain name.
Think of a good fun domain name. (briandanowski is an awesome array of characters, but it isn’t my first choice for a fun brand name.
Generate funds to switch to a paid hosting plan.
Figure out why drupal fails to install on my free hosting… (I did it one other time…)
Learn wordpress.
Organize my digital assets.
Make a picture gallery on website. (it’s lame that I link to facebook. They mess pictures up)
Start a project or two for portfolio.

That’s enough for now.

These are not really goals.

Ride the bus.
Explore woods while it is snowing.
Find alleged sewing machine in basement.
Mend shoes.

This is getting a bit long. It has just the right amount of scatterbraindedness. That word is mine, but you have my permission to use it whenever or wherever you like

rain cereal and dreams

October 30, 2009

I slept for about 15 hours last night. After I poured a big bowl of cereal for breakfast I found out that there was no milk. Today It is raining.

soldering iron fun

October 28, 2009

Today I bought a soldering iron!
I have had several simple projects that Have backed up because I have been soldering ironless for the entire time I have been in Michigan. My Dad tried to bring me one from Houston that I had bought from the dollar store, but they took it at the airport because he was trying to carry it on.

I fixed my beautiful sony headphones that I bought from the good will computer store back in Houston. I also fixed the charging cable for my mp3 player that has been broken for months. The cable got closed in the car door and the wires were pretty messed up when they got to their destination. Now I can load my mp3 player up with podcasts. I am excited.

I still have to re-solder the dc jack that got loose on my dell motherboard, but that will have to wait for another day. Once again it stopped working months ago and I am just getting around to fix it. The real challenge will be reassembling the laptop. It has been sitting in pieces. Perhaps it will be transformed into a wearable pc.

new classes and fallen leaves

October 27, 2009

I started a package design class today. I think I am going to get very good with my xacto knife.
Flash was today too. It should be interesting. It is quite different from the rest of Adobe.

I am a bit sad that the prettiest trees on my street are almost completely bare now.
Sleep was elusive last night. Soon I will start keeping a dream journal. I started keeping one once but I didn’t keep up with it. Hopefully I have a nice vivid dream marathon tonight.

October 27, 2009

I am just about finished with an updated version of It is not very fancy, but it is a step up from the just the picture. Hopefully I will figure out an intuitive way to incorporate the mostly random and bizarre pages that live on my web-server like this one.

Yesterday, I attended a graphic design meetup at the Rochester public library. It got me excited about web design. This is fortunate because tomorrow I start the web design half of school. On the way back I stopped to listen to some live music outside of a music school. The first band I saw were some kids. They were decent for their age. The youngest member was the best. He was the drummer who looked like he was about 12 years old. The assembled crowd numbered about 10 people. The second band was a little older and they were terrible. The crowd dwindled to about half. The last band was absolutely fantastic, but for some reason only one other person stayed to about halfway through them playing. At the end I was the last one listening, and they thanked the “the guy on the bike” (me).

In other news, I want to learn how to speed read.

Terminal command for changing the mac address for the macbook 4,1 in os x 10.5.x (leopard)

April 9, 2009

I started to use this macbook about 2 months ago. The first day I tried to find the command for changing the mac address in os x.

At first the information that I found told me that it was just a simple terminal command. I was dismayed when I tried out the command, the command went through without error, but ifconfig still reported that I was broadcasting my original mac address.

I searched a bit deeper and found a different command specific to version 10.5.x of os X. The same results left me more frustrated. I was even more dismayed when I found forum posts of people concluding that it was very easy to change the mac address in previous versions of os X (tiger, etc), but a recent update to the os has made this feat impossible. I couldn’t believe how broken this was. I couldnt believe that a system that with a UNIX base could be so weak.

Fast forward a month ish and I got antsy listening to some computer security podcasts. I decided that surley there was some way to what I want. I did a lot of searching. To shorten an already long and rambling story I found out that the operating system behaves differently on different hardware for some reason. The soulution is to use the original command, but there is a specific way to accomplish this on the macbook4,1 running os X 10.5.6.

First disconnect from any wireless networks by clicking on the join other network in the airport drop down menue. Type in some random characters in the network name field. Click connect. Click cancel while it tries to connect to your imaginary network. Do not turn airport off.

Next go to your terminal. You can check your current mac address with this command

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

To change to a mac address, enter this command replacing the mac address with one of your choosing

sudo ifconfig en1 ether 00:bb:00:bb:00:bb

run the first command to confirm that it worked

Boom! You should be in business. This will revert to the original address when you reboot.

current favorite youtube video

April 9, 2009

I go through phases where a particular song or video will my general feelings on existence at that given time. My favorite video right now is this one …

Terence Mckenna was right about so many different things. A few years ago I noticed this unbelievable trend in the empowerment of individuals to define what they want to consume content wise. I am very excited to see how this will end up. This is especially true in the realm of social media and inbound marketing.

Flexing my photoshop skills

April 8, 2009

BRIAN – My Home Page

Original screen shot of Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe on Hubspot TV
Recently I watched all of the episodes of – a video podcast about social media and inbound marketing. While I was watching an episode, I randomly paused for some reason that I don’t recall, and I caught this little freeze frame.

I really liked the look on Karen’s face. I thought this would make a great screen shot to photoshop in a little bit of force lightning. Here is what I ended up with.

Karen Rubin shows Mike Volpe the power of Red Saber SEO on Hubspot TV

Tales of an Insomniac

April 6, 2009

There is something magical about the time between 12am and 6am. Ideally this is when I explore the complex and delightful world of dreams. In the morning I wake up disappointed longing to prolong the dream experience. I find it fascinating how I experience just enough similarities between the dream and the waking reality that I am almost always fooled by what seems to be an illusion of brain chemistry.

Every night I get to explore a new location. One night I was confined to a relatively small island, another night I got the pleasure experiencing the charm of the countryside. I find it fascinating how my mind works while I am dreaming. I always get caught up in the moment of the dream. When I wake up, for a brief moment the specific details of the dream are still very real to me. I can look back and understand how all of the various parts didn’t actually make sense. I am so in the moment that I ignore the gaping plot holes that seem to dominate that reality It is only after the experience is over that I can see the big picture of this reality.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this reality worked on many the same principles of the world. In my day to day to notice all of the peculiar things that should make me stop and contemplate the nature of this reality. There is an amazing and inexplicable quality about life. It just feels real. The only way I can describe the feeling of living is to compare it to the feeling of dreaming. Even though situation after situation refuses to make coherent sense I dismiss these details because of the overwhelming feeling that the space that I occupy exists.